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Madame Nhu

About Madame Nhu

Madame Nhu is old Saigon in Sydney

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Cuisine: Modern Vietnamese
Chefs/owners: Minh & Nhu Nguyen
Price guide: Entree $6.9 - $14. Mains $10.5 - $19.9. Drinks (glass/bottle): $4.5 - $10.5
Locations: Surry Hills, Westfield Hornsby, Westfield Chatswood and an international location soon...

The Experience

Step inside to find a mock Vietnamese-French villa, aged outdoor furniture and colourful tropical plants. The striking interior of Madame Nhu is the culmination of extensive field research in Vietnam by the chef-founders and is a tribute to the rapidly disappearing French villas of Saigon city. It's a slice of old Saigon right here in Sydney.

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original is best

Madame Nhu is old Saigon in Sydney. We've been pioneering next-level Vietnamese since 2007. We're first to specialise in modern rice paper rolls and first to bring pho sexy back.

We believe good food helps bring people together. Our food is fresh and high-end; simple but refined. Often considered one of Sydney’s best, our trademark phở recipe is a jealously guarded secret.

At Surry Hills you will also find original Asian-inspired cocktails and an impressive collection of Asian and local craft beers.

Step inside our iconic French villa-style eateries and let Madame Nhu take you back to a time when Vietnamese food was all about taste, quality and style.

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Who is Madame Nhu?

Who is Madame NhuFiery, creative and original, chef-founder Nhu has a reputation of being the "dragon lady" of the kitchen. These days she has taken a step back to focus on product and business development to much of the kitchen staff's relief. She is often seen roaming the backstreets of Asia in search of the ultimate dish.

About Madame Nhu

Sexy, slurpingly good food


2007 - opened the first summer rolls speciality store, specialising in rice paper rolls, banh mi and salads under the brand SummerRolls®

2009 - introduced Sydney to the concept of Vietnamese "home-style" cooking at Xage™ Restaurant

2011 - rebranded the SummerRolls concept as Madame Nhu®. New store concept launched in the CBD

2012 - opened the first Madame Nhu small bar focusing on Asian beers and hard-to-find Asian liquor

2016 - opened Chatswood eatery in Westfield

2018 - opened Hornsby eatery in Westfield

2019 - Madame Nhu international location opening early 2019