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Madame Nhu

Madame Nhu Sydney Menu

Madame Nhu makes simple and delicious food. Read our reviews & see what others think of us!

Beer & Wine

We are licensed and stock a limited range of beers and wine. Please visit our Surry Hills eatery for the full Madame Nhu bar experience.

Fresh summer rolls

Beef, pork, tofu 8.9
Combination of our three popular fresh rolls
Pulled pork 8.5
Slow-cooked pork, rice vermicelli, Asian herbs
Honey tofu 8.9
Signature honey infused silken tofu
Marinated beef 8.5
Darling Downs sliced marinated beef rump

Pho Noodle soup

Phở is Vietnam's famous noodle soup and Madame Nhu's phở is legendary for its tender thick-cut Tasmanian beef on a flavoursome, gently spiced, 8-hour secret broth

Signature đặc biệt 11.9
Signature special phở with three styles of beef
Phở nạm brisket 10.9
Signature thick-cut Tasmanian grass-fed beef brisket
Phở tái sliced rump steak 10.9
Fresh medium-well sliced rump steak
Phở chicken 10.9
Tender sliced chicken
Phở vegetable 9.9
Freshly blanched seasonal & Asian veggies
Phở prawn 13.5
Sesame tiger prawn cooked in phở soup with greens

Pho chua noodle soup

Phở chua - The only place in Sydney you will find this style of phở. Originally from Lạng Sơn province, it's phở with a spicy kick

Phở chua chicken (spicy) 11.5
Regional speciality phở style with chicken, cabbage, pickles, peanut
Phở chua rump steak (spicy) 11.5
Spicy style phở with rump steak slices, cabbage, pickles, peanut
Phở chua vegetable (spicy) 10.5
Spicy phở chua style with seasonal veggies, peanut

Madame Nhu menu

Grill & Rice

Served with chicken rice & soup:

Steamed chicken, rice, soup 11.5
Hải nam chicken rice, soup & ginger sauce
Fried chicken, rice, soup 11.5
Fried chicken served crispy with chicken rice & soup

Served with steamed jasmine rice:

Char-grilled chicken 10.5
Classic hawker-style char-grilled maryland chicken fillet
Caramelised pork kho 11.5
Traditional slow-cooked berkshire pork belly & rice
Grilled grain-fed beef 10.5
Char-grilled marinated grain-fed beef rump slices on skewers
Char-grilled tiger prawns 13.5
Hawker-style char-grilled tiger prawns & rice
Grilled lemongrass squid 10.5
Phú Quốc style charcoal grilled whole squid with nước chấm
Extra side soup 1.0


Vermicelli salads

Nem nướng chicken 12.5
Char-grilled chicken patty skewers, vermicelli, mixed salads, Vietnamese pickles, herbs
Grain-fed beef rump 12.5
Grilled beef rump skewers with vermicelli, salads, Vietnamese pickles, herbs
Grilled tiger prawns 14.5
Grilled tiger prawns with vermicelli, salads, Vietnamese pickles, herbs

Lotus stem salads

Salt & pepper tofu 14.5
Silken tofu with sichuan pepper, chilli salt, mixed salads, Asian herbs, lotus stems
Salt & pepper squid 14.5
Salt and pepper whole squid with mixed salads, Asian herbs, lotus stems

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Our food may contain wheat, shellfish, dairy, nuts and eggs.

Menu may change without notice. Please check in store for the latest menu.